Seniors in Thomas Jefferson High School's - Center for Communication Technology Magnet complete a Capstone project. The Pathways course is the Capstone project course for students focusing on 3D-design, Software Engineering, or Web Design. Students are encouraged to form a work team so they are able to complete larger projects and develop teamwork and communication skills. Pathways has four main focus areas:
- Create an exemplary project that shows off their skills. The project can be created with any software development tools the student thinks will best address the project's needs.
- Learn advanced project management skills in order to design and plan their project. The Project Management Institute has helped us design curriculum for high school students that is based on the PMI project management framework.
- Plan their post-secondary future. For most students this means they apply to colleges and apply for scholarships. Students who want to enter the workforce or military immediately after high school focus on realizing those goals.
- Create a senior web portfolio. The portfolio should include a biography and serve as a platform to show off the best projects they have created in the CCT Magnet.


- FIRST Robotics: team planning and robot construction/testing/ competition.
- Websites for TJ sports, activities, and departments.
- Websites for local businesses.
- 3D animation videos.
- Android phone apps.
- Game programs.
- Game websites in which students post the best of their creations.
- Code modifications to games such as Minecraft.
- Graphic designs for school posters, t-shirts, and other designs.
- Role-playing games.
- On-line video production.
Skills USA Awards
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