Lego Mindstorms

We learn to program with Lego Mindstorms robots. We use Robolab to create the programs and download them to the robot for testing. Mindstorms and Robolab allows students to quickly create and test their programs.

After learning to program the robots, we break up into teams of 2 students to create a robot and program it to solve a specific challenge problem.

View a movie of a TJHS "Can-Do Challenge" robot. The objective of the challenge is to create a robot that pushes all of the cans out of the circle without falling off the board.

Additional links for Lego Mindstorms are included below:

Legotm Mindstorms® official website.

Robolab page from the Tufts outreach center.

Robolab page from National Instruments.

Pictures of some of the robots that the students have created are below: