Math Across the Curriculum

Programming Projects

Thomas Jefferson High School students participate in an initiative called "Math Across the Curriculum." Math projects are completed in all of their classes to emphasize Math's importance in every subject area. Software Engineering students created Flash ActionScript programs that can be accessed via the internet. Projects were designed to cover high school-level math concepts. The programs teach a concept or practice skills and concepts. Some of the projects built by the students are included below.

Click on the screen shot to test the program.

Screen Shot Project Description

This is a Math quiz that tests vocabulary and basic concepts. It is a 10 question quiz and the user is scored at the end. This program is made in Flash.

Perfect Projectiles is an educational program designed to help physics students with projectile problems. The user inputs a speed value and a value for angle of fire into the program and the program returns values of how high the object would go, how far, and how long it would be in the air. All values are measured in the metric system, but the program helps out by giving a conversion from mph to meters/second.
The Radian Game is an easy game for anyone in a Trigonometry or Calculus class. It was designed as a practice program for radian problems. The object of the game is to answer the question by clicking on the appropriate coordinate for the given radian.
The object of this game is to improve your math vocabulary skills. Math definitions are displayed and the user clicks on the correct definition. The program keeps track of how many points the user scores.
This project is designed to help the user have a better understanding of the distance formula. It reviews the distance formula and then provides some practice problems that calculate distances between objects in the solar system.
This quiz teaches basic high school math skills for Algebra, dealing with the graphs of the linear shape, parabolic shape, hyperbolic shape, sinusoidal shape, and tangent shape. This quiz will also test your knowledge of the graphs' equations. It has both multiple choice and matching questions.
This project is a cartoon with many different math problems to try to make math seem creative and interesting. Using different backgrounds and scenes allows the user to take different paths, depending on the answers they choose. I tried to use a lot of color and creative images to catch the users eye. I figured a silent cartoon would bore the user so I added sounds to the buttons and the graphics. Be sure to turn your computer's sound on.
This project demonstrates the amplitude in relation to the graph of a Sin function. To use the project: click on the "graph" button next to the equation you would like to see graphed.
In this game you'll be allowed to answer a 10 question quiz that will evaluate your answer with a number score. You must be careful; If you continue to answer the same question wrong, then the number wrong will increase. HAVE FUN!
This game was programmed in mx flash and covers regular calculus problems. The first is a problem finding the integral through substitution, or with the aid of a calculator. The second problem is a common half-life problem dealing with exponential depletion.
This program was designed to help with the equations of the surface areas and volumes of objects like squares and spheres. Press the about button to find out more about this program, press the Quiz Me button to take a short 3 question quiz on the areas and volumes of some objects, press start to begin the program.
The objective in this game is to simply match the symbols, at the bottom, to the mathmatic terms above, as they appear. To do so click on the symbol that you believe goes with the word given. If you are correct, the symbol will disappear and your next word will come up. If you are incorrect, the screen will stay as is and you must try again.
The purpose of this project is to help high school students with their math vocabulary skills. If you feel confident in yourself, and you don't feel like reading, then you can jump right into the quiz by clicking on the Quiz button in the main page. But if you would like to learn something and actually study, you might want to click on the Review button in the main page.