Fall 2005

Programming Projects

Below are some of the programs created by Thomas Jefferson High School students in the Fall 2005 Software Engineering classes. Each of the programs can be used via the internet. The projects were designed and developed completely by the students, they did not have to create a program for a specific topic.

Click on the screen shot to test the program.

Screen Shot Project Description

This is a project created in Flash using Actionscript which helps the user to learn their colors in Spanish. It uses "drag 'n' drop" principles to check the users work.

This is a slide show of a student's Puerto Vallarta vacation created in Flash using Actionscript. It also contains other links including Information, Help, and Credits. It allows you to choose from 5 different songs while you watch the slideshow.
This is an 'Asteroids' game created in Flash. Use the arrow keys to move the ships and the space key to fire bullets at the rocks.
This project provides a new twist on 'Candyland'. It was made with Flash. Use the arrow keys to move the hero around the screen and try to eat all of the candy.
This is a 'Mr. Potato Head' game that was created with Flash. "Drag and drop" is used to move the components around the screen.
This is a template for a web site that was developed in Flash and uses lots of Actionscript.
This game was made with Flash. Use your mouse to help the frog find dinner by clicking on the flies as they pass.
This game was made with Flash. Use your mouse to fire at various targets. Use the arrow keys to maneuver your vehicle around the obstacles.
This is a sidescrolling challenge in which you try to miss the figures that come at you and try to reach the end of the obstacle course.
This is a geography quiz with excellent graphics. There are multiple levels that test continents, oceans and states.
'Space Time' uses the arrow keys to move. The spaceship can fire lasers and drop bombs.
'Stickman' is the beginning of a more advanced project. It was an exercise to learn how to program movement and animations in Flash.
'Tanks' was created with Flash Actionscript. It has nice animations and realistic calculations for movement.
Use the arrow keys to move 'Chicken Little' around the screen and bounce off the rocks. Press the space key to make him breakdance.