Fall 2004

Programming Projects

Below are some of the programs created by Thomas Jefferson High School students in the Fall 2004 Software Engineering classes. Each of the programs can be used via the internet. The projects were designed and developed completely by the students, they did not have to create a program for a specific topic.

Click on the screen shot to test the program.

Screen Shot Project Description

This is a web site for a band in which the developer is guitarist and lead singer. The site was developed primarily with Dreaweaver and Flash. It includes several musical selections and pictures of the band members.

This game is a paintball game where the objective is to get to the end of the level. Be careful because once you have passed a certain point, there is no way to go back. Your main enemy is a group of marines that use paintball games as a training game. To move press the arrow keys. To fire press the spacebar.
The 'Skeleton Quiz' is designed to help students learn the names of some of the bones in the body. There is a page that identifies the bones used in the quiz and multiple quiz pages to test your knowledge. The format of the quiz is drag-and-drop. Drag the answer to the correct location on the screen.
This is a game called 'Space Fighter'. Use the arrow keys to control your ship and the space bar to fire at the approaching enemies. This program was created with Flash and Actionscript.
Flash and Actionscript were used to create a Pong-type game called 'Battle Bricks'. Use the arrow keys to move your paddle. Catch the question mark with your paddle to enable extra features (some are good and others are bad). When all of the bricks are destroyed you will move on to a more difficult level.
Flash and Actionscript were used to create a Space Invaders-type game. Use the mouse to aim the shot and click the left-mouse button to fire.
This is a cartoon that changes based upon choices made by the viewer. It uses a lot of animations, graphics, and sounds.
In 'Final Attack' it is your job to destroy enemy ships. Use the 'ctrl' key to fire missles at the enemy ships and the arrow keys to move your ship. Don't get hit by the enemy ships or else the game is over.
This game is simple. The object of the game is to correctly place each of the child's objects in its proper place. For example, place the teddy bear in the toy box. To pick up an item simply click and drag the item to its appropiate place. If correct it will stay, if not it will got back to its original place.
This is a game that uses detailed Flash animations along with Actionscript programming to control the character movements. The player is in a struggle with a wolf that runs back and forth across the screen attacking the player.
Tanks - To play Tanks, you need to first select your angle of the turret. To do this, click in the angle text box and type in the angle. The angle cannot go past 180 and 90 degrees points the turret straight up. 0 degrees points backwards. Once you have selected the angle, select your initial velocity. To do this, click in the velocity text box and type in a number from 0 to 999.
This is the start of a 'Texas Hold-em' poker game. The dealing of cards has been written and is working correctly. Other aspects of the game will be developed in the future.
To find the Cow, use the arrow-keys to move Chicken. Chicken is falling, so the user may have to compensate for that. However the fall should be easily overcome with a mild upward acceleration. If you cannot gauge when to move the cow, avoiding the mines, do it without hesitation at the very beginning of the clip event. Remember that to win you simply need to have Chicken touch any part of Cow. If all else fails hit Backspace.