Software Engineering - Web Page Project




BackgroundWe have created several programs that can be accessed via the internet.  For this project, you will select one of these projects, clean it up, and make it ready for me to put on the Software Engineering web page.  This project must be turned in by Thursday May 20, 2004.  You can turn it in before then if you wish.  Turn in this page when you are ready for me to grade your project.    


Specific Instructions – Create a new folder in your H drive and name it InternetProject.  I must be able to see H:/InternetProject on your server folder.  Include the following files in the folder. 

1)     A text file named “summary.txt” that includes a 1 to 3 sentence summary of your project.  Include the purpose of your project (what does it do?), development tools that were used to create the project, and any instructions that users will need to begin using the project.

2)     A screen shot of the program running.  The file should be saved as a *.gif or *.jpeg.  The picture size should be 200 pixels wide.  The file should be less than 10kb.  Use Fireworks to clean up the picture.      

3)     The completed project file(s) that can be used on the Internet.  I don’t want any of the development files.  For example, for Flash include the *.swf file, not the *.fla file.  For a java project, include the *.class file and the *.html file. 

·       Content – the content can be any thing that you choose as long as the program allows the user to determine the course of the experience (decisions made by the user determine what the program does). 

·       Development tools – You can use any development tools that you want as long as the project can be accessed via the internet.    


After completing your project, put your name on this sheet and turn it in. 







A folder named InternetProject has been created in your folder on tjhsnt01. (10 pts)






All files are included in the InternetProject folder:  summary.txt, screenshot, project file(s). (15 pts)






Summary.txt includes: purpose, development tools, user instructions, no spelling or grammar errors. (15 pts)






Screen shot: is *.gif or *.jpg, 200 pixels wide, file size less than 10kb. (15 pts)






All required project files are included in the folder. (15 pts)






The program is free of all errors, including spelling and grammar errors. (30 pts)






Program - the final product is structured, organized, and completeResources are high quality and appropriate. The program is easy to use and includes instructions and help functions (30 pts)






Interactivity – the program allows the user to interact with the program and determine the course of the experience.  (20 pts)